In Switch Zing you have to flick the switch to keep the power(Bar at the top) from overloading, or going under a certain amount of power! The switch is on the left. Once you are next to the switch:press space! If the green light comes on it’s on! If not press it again, because it’s an old switch and it doesn’t always work! Lore: You work in a power plant and your boss leaves you in charge for a while. You have to keep the power from overloading, (aka, the more power you have, the worse it is) but, you have to keep the power from going under a certain amount, cause then the civilians lose power. Later to come in the game: Winning conditions Breaking water pipe! I also want to change the ending for when it overloads.

Published Dec 16, 2017
PlatformsmacOS, HTML5
Made withUnity
TagsLudum Dare 40
LinksLudum Dare


Switch 17 MB

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This is really cool!

It hardly has any gameplay, but thanks! Also, I'm not really planning to finish it, P.S I follow you on scratch! My username is Crabby90! 

Thanks a lot! I'll check out your games